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Solo Ad Vendors


Hi everyone,

Joe Finn made this list of solo sellers that I have added to.

DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NOT USED ALL OF THESE PEOPLE’S SOLOS. Being on the list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement from me to buy these solos. Buyer beware. By using this list you agree that you are solely responsible for your own actions, and that I am not responsible for any damages suffered by you or your business.

Results for those I have personally used are listed under their name.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE, this is useful for everyone who needs to buy solos, so share, simply by giving away the URL.

IMPORTANT: If you are a solo provider that wants to be listed here, email me at vicganoman1@gmail.com or add me on skype – vicganoman — and give me your name and your solo selling page URL.


   —  To Joe Finn for compiling the list.

   — To Matt Bacack for contributing his private list of solo vendors.

   — To Colin Meunier for contributing his list of solo vendors.

   — To Joshua Zamora for contributing his recommendations

    — To Reed Floren for his directory

This document has 2 sections — section 1 contains the info about all providers I know about, while section 2 contains URLs of other free lists of providers I know of.


Abel Chua http://www.abel-chua.com/solo-ads/

Alex Fields http://thecoachingmasters.com/solos/index2.php

Andrea Smith-Fulton http://smokinhotsolos.com/solo

Andreea Carol –http://www.nolimitmind.com/solo-ads.html

Angela Clark http://angeladclark.com/solos/

Angelo Sayson http://www.angelosayson.com/soloads

Anthony Tilley http://www.anthonytilley.com/solomailings/

Atheer Fendi http://atheerfendi.com/solo-ads

Barry Rodgers http://barryrodgers.com/solos

Beatrice Brown http://bbprofits.com/Soloads

Bill McrRea http://imleadflow.com/bill-mcrea-solos/

Brandon Loney http://www.marketmajik.com/soload/solos.html

Brandon Shelton http://soloadcircle.com/?p=44

Brian Castro –http://brian-castro.com/solo/

Brian Lee http://cashpros.com/soloads/

Brocha Weiss http://explosivetrafficvideos.com/solo_ads/

Cal Champlin http://www.calchamplin.com/solo_ads.html

Carlos Barahona http://www.theincometriangle.com/soloads/

Cass Angel http://www.eliteonlinemarketing.net/solos/soloads.htm

Clayne Keegan http://claynekeegan.com/solo-ads/

Colin Meunier http://www.colinmeunier.com/soloads/

Colm Wynne http://www.colmwynne.com/SoloAdSale/

Craig Raphael http://www.esourceinfo.com/advertising.html

Daniel Falk http://www.supersoniclistprofits.com/solos/

Danny Tang http://listhabit.com/solo-ads/

Darius Moore http://profile.safe-swaps.com/moreleads

David Walker http://www.qualitysolo.com/

Denise Johnson http://johnsondd.com/solo-ads

Dennis Pippen http://ads90.com

Derek Jamieson http://jamiesonbiz.com/HighQuality.html

Dr Benny http://drbennymarketing.com/solo-ads

Dr Bruce http://drbrucerae.com/solos/

Emilis Strimaitis http://www.strimaitis.com/

Ed Newman http://safe-solos.com

Frank Dang http://frankdang.com/soloads/

Frank Kerley http://frankkerley.com/soloads

Frank Salinas http://franksalinasonline.com/soloads/

Gabriel & Barry http://soloking12.weebly.com/

Gail Richardson http://moneyminingmoves.com/gails-solo-ad-page/

Gary Baker http://opportunity-advisor.com/soloadbooking.html

Gary Lewis www.garyllewis.com/soloads.html  

Gedas http://www.solo-store.com

Gina Guning (?) http://guaranteedsubscribers.com/

Heimir Finnson http://heimirfinnson.com/solo-ads/

Igor Kheifets http://www.crossingthefreeline.com/soloads.html

Isak Ravns http://elitesoloads.com/

Ivan Rendulic http://www.ivanrendulic.com/PremiumSoloAds/

James Francis http://www.jamesfrancis.com/soloads/

James Jordan http://cashsuperstar.com/soloads.html

James Neal http://realjamesneal.com/realqualitysolos/

James Starr http://thebizboost.com/solos/

Jayson Benoit http://jaysonbenoit.com/solo_ads/

Jeremy Uh http://rightwaymarketing.org

Jesus Leon http://www.jesus-leon.com/soload

Jim High http://neatstuffiez.com/solo/

John Cornetta http://www.soloads4sale.com

Jonathan Right –http://www.jonathanright.com/soloads

Joni Leung http://jonileung.com/

Josh Adlesperger http://joshadlesperger.com/solos/

JP Bailey  http://hypnoticsoloads.com

JT Martin http://jtlikes.com/soloads/

Juan Roberto Morales http://epicsoloads.com/

Karl Reynisson http://www.mytrafficgenie.net/funnels/soloads.htm

Keith Hyatt  http://keith-hyatt.com/solo

Kelvin Nikkel http://kelvinnikkel.com/soloads/

Kenneth Kraakstad http://kenneth-kraakstad.com/soloads.htm

Kevin Fahey http://isellsubs.com

Kim Castleberry http://soloadspremium.com

Kirill Vasilyev http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/760547-free-solo-ads-solo-ads.html

I bought a solo ad from Kirill Vasilyev for $50 for 100 + 30 clicks bonus or $0.38 per click.

He promoted a site of mine called GET PAID TO BUILD YOUR LIST which on average converts at about 33%.

I got 146  (16 extra) and 60 optins for a conversion rate of 41% and a cost per subscriber of $0.83

I recommend buying a solo ad from Kirill Vasilyev.

Kristen Darkenwald http://www.premiumqualitysolos.com/

Lance Edinger http://soloads4all.weebly.com/

Lee Siah Chong http://viralleadsmastery.com/Solo

Lenin Govea http://business.leningovea.com/premium-solo-ads/

Lisa Hofmann http://lisamarket.com/soloads/

Lucas Adamsky http://www.killermarketing.net/solo

Mal Leyshon –http://www.malleyshon.com/soloads

Marc Milburn http://www.marcmilburn.com/solo/

Mark Gurney http://www.onlineprofitsinc.com/soloadinfo/

Mark Lyford http://lyfordmarketing.com

Martin Statten http://martinstaten.com/grizzly-ads

Michael Hamm http://bulldog-marketing.com/solo/

Michelle Tabasco http://www.michelletabasco.com/

Miranda Hyatt –http://miranda-hyatt.com/solo/

Natalia Piterova http://properebooks.com/soloads/

Nate Holland http://www.soloads.me/

Oliver Bowen http://oliverbowen.com/soloads.html

Paul Pisani http://webtrafficsecrets4u.com/solos/

Peter Jones http://www.dreamscanbeachieved.com/solo-ads/

Peter Paul –http://peterpaulmarketing.com/soloads

Phil Springer http://im-empowered.com/soloads/

Philip Brewer http://brewerenterprise.com/MySoloAdOffers/index.html

Prashant Sharma http://www.soloadsx.com/

Rachael Sanders http://www.rachaelsanders.com/

Rhia Taylor http://rhiataylor.com/soload.html

Rin Otori http://rinotori.com/solo-ads

Riz Nicolas http://riznicolas.com/soloads

Ryan Rice http://wsobreakdown.com/solos/

Ryan And Bryan –http://ryanandbryan.com/frankandjc.html

Sean Story http://www.rapidsuccessformula.com/soloads.html

Seth Riley http://soloadpro.com/purchase

Steve Bermann http://singingsteve.com/solo.html

Steve Brown http://makingitsuccessful.com/top-notch-solo-ads

Steve Lorenzo http://ezinesoloads.net

Sophie Choung http://profile.safe-swaps.com/sophiechoung#booking-form/buy-solo

Thomas Burke http://fasttrafficboosters.com/SoloAdMailings/

Todd Dowell http://www.commissionassassin.com/solo-ads/

Vince Craine http://vincecraine.com/solos/

Wayne Dobson –http://solos.waynedobson.info/

William Barrett http://wobmarketing.com/solos/

Zach http://viraltrafficfast.com/zachssolospecials/


Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Cirectory: http://www.soloaddirectory.com/

Joshua Zamora’s list: http://zamuraiblogger.com/solo-ad-directory/

If you like this blog follow, share and have an abundant life!



One comment on “Solo Ad Vendors

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    Smileys Log Cabin Kit is all new wooden toy for ages Five and Up. It is hand made and packed with hours of fun. It’s the perfect gift! The kit comes with all of the materials needed to make a log barn, log house and corral for toy animals.
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    We are raising funds to allow to identify and source better packaging and therefore further improve our pricing. We’re already working with Mom and Pop toy stores in several states and have a clear understanding of the wholesale price targets we need to hit in order to win their business. We are committed to growing our product using US-based labor wherever possible… we want to make more jobs for our families and yours.
    We already have a workshop complete with all the tools and equipment required to produce the Log Cabin kits; we’re ready to hit the ground running once we finalize our packaging. Like anything else that starts from a dream, the shop is in a garage. Our plan is to grow from there. This is just the beginning for us… we have 10 other projects to get into production and are setting the foundation for a whole new toy company. All of our projects are educational in one way or another, we love to see kids learn as they play.
    We’ve seen enough Kickstarter campaigns to know that sometimes projects are funded for more than they ask for. We’ve already set a stretch goal for ourselves of $10,000. If we hit that number we’re also going to invest in 3D printing or plastic molding to make figurines to go with the cabin kits.
    Thanks, Peter & the team at Smiley’s

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