Victor Guilherme

How To Stay Focused

Being focused on what you are trying to accomplish is an absolute must in determining your success. Staying focused can help you listen to people better, help you come up with a solution to problems at a quicker speed and thus help improve your professional life. We all have goals and dreams but staying focused […]

Video Marketing Tips For The Newbie

  Video Marketing is a great way to get more leads and sales, but most find it one of the most difficult things to do. This blog post will help you with a simple structure and format on creating effective videos for your marketing efforts. If you learn how to capitalize on the power of […]

Networking Websites For Business Owners

Most of us use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote our businesses. With the growing use of social networking by business professionals, there is a growing number of social networking websites focused on entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals that are worth  looking at for your business. Here’s an extensive list of those websites […]

Helping You Go Viral

Helping You Go Viral

Everyone of us puts out content hoping it will catch on and ends up going viral. Hoping to get millions of Youtube views or hits to our blogs, but take this into consideration. In today’s fast paced world and the world wide web’s ever growing reach, we produce more content in two days then all […]

The Importance Of Your Mindset

Brains and talent alone don’t guarantee success. Our mindset dictates the way we think and our actions. Mindset is defined as: 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. 2. An inclination or a habit. Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, with decades of research on achievement […]

Are You Getting What You Paid For When Advertising On Facebook

I began noticing after running some Facebook Advertising campaigns that the majority of those engaging with my Facebook Page $10,000 A Month Club were from developing and third world countries. This was a couple of years ago now but it seems more and more people are taking notice of this problem. Facebook also encourages you […]

Attraction Marketing: How to attract people to you.

Attraction Marketing is learning not to be focused on trying to make a sale, but focused and centered on what people are looking for.  People are always looking for a leader who can show them what to do. They want to learn. So leading with educational information about things that you can teach them, and […]

Google Webmasters Help

  I have found a great Youtube channel to help with your website’s ranking on Google. It is the Official Youtube channel for the Google Webmasters Help Team. The video’s explain everything that you need to know about Search Engine Optimization. If you have your own Website and are having a hard time getting Traffic […]