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How To Stay Focused

staying focused

Being focused on what you are trying to accomplish is an absolute must in determining your success. Staying focused can help you listen to people better, help you come up with a solution to problems at a quicker speed and thus help improve your professional life. We all have goals and dreams but staying focused on them can be difficult with the constant stream of distractions in our day to day lives.
In our digital world distractions come from all directions and multi-tasking has become the norm. To add to our dilemma, we feel good when multi-tasking,. We get an emotional high when doing a lot at once. There are certain steps you can take to stop checking your Facebook and phone every 10 minutes.
Here are some tips on staying the course to achieving your goals and dreams.

Staying Focused:

1. Whatever you want to accomplish, fall in love with the process and not the end result. If you want to be an athlete, fall in love with practicing. If you want to be an author, fall in love with writing. If you want people to flock to your business, then fall in love with marketing. Fall in love with the processes and the results will come.
2. We have trained our brains to multi-task and be distracted. So you’ll have to train you brain to focus. You can start with shorter amounts of time and build from there. Concentrate on doing one task per day and build to doing more each day.
3. Get organized and keep it that way. Keep an organized space where you do your work and put distractions away. If you don’t need your phone to work on something put it away where it won’t distract you. This goes for anything else that isn’t relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. Clean your workspace of anything not needed for the task at hand. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clean up and this will help you maintain a organized working environment.
4. Schedule your time deliberately. Studies have found that we only truly focus an average of 6 hours per week. Some of us are best at it in the morning, while others at night. Find when you do your best work and work your schedule around it. Leaving those times to focus on achieving your goals and dreams.


5. Make a list of what you have to do. Preferably the night before or you can do this on a weekly basis as well. Having a list of things that you want to accomplish will help you stay focused and motivated. Beside each task write down approximately the length of time it should take you to accomplish that task. Make sure to list everything, no matter how small or important. Checking accomplishments off the list no matter how small will give you a feeling of satisfaction. Prioritize your list by doing the hardest things first. You have a lot less capacity if you leave the harder tasks to the end. Reward yourself with scheduled breaks on your daily to do list. This will help you stay even more focused on completing your tasks for the day.
6. Don’t put things off. Avoid delaying things that need to be done for later. Do things now and move on to your next thing on your to do list.

7. Two more things that will help you in staying focused when you need to be. Exercising more! Try to schedule some physical activity in your daily routine especially during your breaks while completing your to do list. Read more! One of the many benefits of reading is training your brain to focus on one thing at a time.

Focus is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the better you will become at it.


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