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Networking Websites For Business Owners


Most of us use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote our businesses. With the growing use of social networking by business professionals, there is a growing number of social networking websites focused on entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals that are worth  looking at for your business. Here’s an extensive list of those websites by category.

Entrepreneur Networks

Biznik A community of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed.
Cofoundr A community for entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, investors, and other individuals involved with starting new ventures.
E.Factor An online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Connect A community by Entrepreneur.com where professionals can network, communicate, and collaborate with others.
Fast Pitch Professionals can market their business and make connections.
Focus For business professionals to meet and post questions and get them answered by industry leaders.
JASEzone A professional community where you can find potential clients and business partners.
LinkedIn The largest social network for professionals,
Networking for Professionals Combines online business networking and real-life events.
PartnerUp Connecting small business owners and entrepreneurs.
PerfectBusiness Entrepreneurs, investors and business experts that encourages entrepreneurship and mutual success.
Plaxo Address book tool for networking and staying in contact.
Ryze Allows users to organize themselves by interests, location, and current and past employers.
StartupNation  Exchange of ideas between entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.
Upspring For promotion and social networking.
Viadeo Professionals use the networks to enhance their career prospects, discover business opportunities and build relationships with new contacts as well as to create effective online identities.
XING A European business network
Young Entrepreneur  A forum-based site for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about promoting business for themselves and others.

Reunion Networks

Classmates Allows for users to connect with school friends from the past.
Geni Another social family tree network
MyHeritage A social family tree – share photos, comments and genealogy with your family.
MyLife Find old friends, relatives, former workmates and more
Reunion Friendly Reunion networkers


Video Networks

Crackle  Selection of full-length Hollywood movies, TV shows and originals for you to enjoy wherever, whenever you want. No hassles, no subscriptions, no commitment required
Dailymotion One of the leading sites for sharing videos
FunnyOrDie A comedy video network where users can rate and share videos with like-minded friends and post their own videos.
Live Leak Create your own channel for publishing unique video content
Twitch The world’s leading video platform and community for gamers
vimeo The high-quality home for ad-free HD videos
Vume Create your own channel for publishing unique video content
Yahoo Screen
YouTube The most well known video sharing site where users can share and view videos, set up channels for their own content.

Mobile Networks

airg Meet new people from around the world and connect with your friends through effortless user discovery.
binu For businesses wanting to reach emerging markets, it provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand, reward and engage millions of users
Cellufun Mobile game enthusiasts to meet other mobile gamers
frenzo Allows you to connect with friends and people who share your interests safely, i.e. with security features. Emirates-based, popular in India
ItsMy Connect with friends, play games and more
MocoSpace Find and share with like-minded friends
Path The service allows users to share with their close friends and family.
Wadja A cross-platform site.
Wayn Meet People App is a fun way to connect with like-minded folks based on where you are, where you want to go and what you love to do.

Travel Networks

CouchSurfing Find hosts to stay with in over 100,000 cities and connect with travelers from all over the world.
TravBuddy Web’s #1 site for finding and meeting travelers
Travellerspoint Find friends, share photos and thoughts, and get travel advice.


BlackPlanet The largest social network for African-Americans
Buzznet Allows users to participate in online communities created around ideas, events and areas of interest around music and pop culture.
CafeMom Meeting place for moms.
Care2 Largest online community for individuals who care about human and animal rights, the environment, and healthy, sustainable living.
CaringBridge Set up a social hub for a crisis and want to post and share updates about the issue to a large community.
Cross.TV The world’s largest library of Christian media content from around the world
Flixter A place to discover, collect, and watch movies.
GaiaOnline Best place on the web to discuss anime, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and anything else you can imagine.
Last.FM  For music fans. Keeps track of what users listen to and posts those lists to other integrated social networks
Ravelry For knitters and crochet-hobbyists
ReverbNation  For independent musicians, producers and music venues to share and communicate.
VampireFreaks Entirely for the Goth subculture


Photo Hosting and Sharing


General Networking

Badoo Mostly popular in Europe and Latin American but has a significant following in the U.S.
Bebo Starting back up again with over 600 million registered users.
Delicious Popular social bookmarking service for storing and sharing favorite web pages
Facebook Facebook is a great way to connect with customers and now even sell goods and services to over 1 Billion users.
Foursquare Big geo-location services; it can be built into other websites and social services
Google + Google’s answer to Facebook
Hi5 Modeled after Facebook; popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe
Kiwibox Part social network, part online magazine, Kiwibox is predominantly used by teens.
Meet Me Join 90+ million people
meeting and playing games!
It’s fun, friendly, and FREE!
Meetup Facilitates its users with common interests to find each other online and then facilitate an actual meeting offline.
MySpace Although struggling in recent years, this is still a powerful way to connect with its millions of users.
Ning Build and cultivate your own community
Orkut Google’s and although less well known in the United States, it is popular internationally primarily in India and Brazil
Skyrock Predominantly occupied by teens; very popular with the French-speaking world
StumbleUpon Helps your content go virally to your StumbleUpon friends and other like-minded people
Tagged Focuses on meeting other people with shared interests
Twitter Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

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