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Helping You Go Viral


Everyone of us puts out content hoping it will catch on and ends up going viral. Hoping to get millions of Youtube views or hits to our blogs, but take this into consideration. In today’s fast paced world and the world wide web’s ever growing reach, we produce more content in two days then all of civilization up to 2003, put together. You read right! According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, we are producing more information in two days than we produced in thousands of years.

So it’s safe to say that the chances of something we produce, standing out enough to go viral,  are pretty slim and none.


However, there are some things you could do to increase your chances of it being shared and seen by great numbers. And as in most cases of success, it’s predominant on the amount of effort you’re putting into it. Here are some tips in helping your content go viral and rising above the noise.

1. Be patient. Somethings don’t take off right away. They might remain dormant for a while or just build slowly. Some of your biggest successes will take months to reach.

2. Most of us know all of the big social media sites were our content can go viral like Facebook and Google+ but most people don’t know that Reddit is more important than you think when it comes to getting content to spread. In fact getting on Reddit’s first page is an absolute boost to your reach. Content takes off when people start sharing them on Social Networks so using them is an absolute must. Here’s some help on getting a link on Reddit’s First Page.

3. Great content is not enough in many instances. Sometimes it takes a great headline. Many people never read past it so it’s a good idea to spend a good chunk of time on it.

4. Try to connect people to you and your content by stirring up feelings. Many times it just takes something very subtle to accomplish that so don’t feel like you have to be out there! Trying to Inspire people usually works great.

5. Be timely. Most content is looked at by people at their work and between 9AM and 1PM EST. And then shared between 2PM and 3.30pm which Social Media traffic is the most heaviest. Tuesday’s are also best for releasing content. People are usually busy Monday catching up and the weekends are usually not a good idea as people are usually busy with other things.

6. Always use some kind of way to track your traffic. Be it a traceable link, Google Analytics or some other method. Also review that data frequently and try to figure out what’s working for you and what’s not.


7. Play the numbers. Post quality but also post quantity. Not everything will attract the kind of attention you are hoping for but your chances increase the more you have out there. Try many things. You only need one to pay off.

8. Look around for ideas. See what’s trending and constantly look for new material. There are thousands of websites you could monitor for new ideas and to pick up tips on reaching your audience.

9. Put in the time and be consistent. Don’t work for a couple of hours on something one day and then leave it for a couple of weeks. Successful people are obsessed with what they are doing and your results will be a measurement of the time and effort you put into your work. Always!

10. Know your target audience and make sure your content will make them look good or smart  if they share it. You’ll also go along way in making your content go viral if you can evoke some type of emotion from your audience. People are more likely to share something with others if it has stirred some emotion in them like joy, anger or disagreement. And we all like to help others so if your content does that it is more likely to be shared and go viral.

11. Make it easy for others to share. If you do so the more people will do it.

12. Sometimes only sharing a part of your content with the promise of the rest when your audience shares it with others works well.

Here’s 3 more tips from Professor Scott Galloway who explains why a private email to a late student in one his classes went viral and was read by over 11 million people.

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