Are You Getting What You Paid For When Advertising On Facebook


I began noticing after running some Facebook Advertising campaigns that the majority of those engaging with my Facebook Page $10,000 A Month Club were from developing and third world countries. This was a couple of years ago now but it seems more and more people are taking notice of this problem.

Facebook also encourages you to advertise and promote your posts to get likes but then takes them away over time if you don’t keep paying to advertise. My page topped out at around 7500 likes but in the last six months I have lost about 60% of them and sit at 3108 today. All the while engagement with the posts is down by 90% as well.

This was also noted by some people and companies who spent a lot of dollars on advertising on Facebook. Mark Cuban and General Motors were very vocal while swearing off Facebook and their outrageous costs.

Here’s one of Cuban’s famous Tweets:mark

Facebook goes public.

Now with Facebook being a public company they’re more open to scrutiny. Many more are taking notice of Facebook’s advertising offers and the results they are getting from them. Some are questioning Facebook’s tactics and even going out of their way to speak out. Take a look at the following video (Facebook Fraud) found on the Veritasium Youtube Channel. Odd because Derek Muller’s channel is dedicated to educational science.

US State Department spends $630,000 0n Facebook Likes.

The US State Department spent $630,000 to acquire 2,000,000 page likes and then realized only 2% were engaged with their posts. Check out this article and Inspector Generals report. They’ve learned their lesson and are spending considerably less money on their advertising now.

Jaron Schneider is a portrait and commercial product photographer based out of San Francisco, California. Here’s one his articles “Likes or Lies?” where he exposes the practice of “like farming”.

The whole concept of Advertising on Facebook is crazy if you ask me. They want you to pay to get followers who couldn’t careless about what you’re offering and then want you to pay some more to engage with them. Here’s another of  Derek’s video’s (The Problem With Facebook) on his Veritasium channel.


What do you think? Have you done any advertising on Facebook? What kind of results did you get?

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3 comments on “Are You Getting What You Paid For When Advertising On Facebook

  1. I did some testing myself with several FB campaigns and I agree with what is being said here.

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