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Quit Yelling and Stop Selling


Stop Selling Yourself To Nowhere

We have been doing marketing a certain way for years. We come up with a message, we tie it to a good sales offer and pay to put it in front of as many faces as possible.
When it comes to online marketing, we don’t handle it much differently,
unfortunately. We take the same message, the same deal, and we promote
it to death. The results are often predictable and disappointing, so we blame the
platform as not being all it’s made up to be.
Instead of the blaming, let’s take a look at why the method keeps failing.

When we take our message and force it on our customer, it’s called push marketing. For years, this is how marketing has been done. We learned this method from what we see in mass media on TV and magazines, and we let it define our small business strategy. Shouting our message at people simply will not work any longer.

Online marketing, however, doesn’t require this same approach. The Internet is unprecedented in its ability to connect audiences to products and our approach can be more focused, if we’re willing to learn how to do it. We must think in terms of having a focused audience, not a broad audience.

Fighting the Selling Disease

We need to create content that our customers can value and gain something from. When we focus on creating this type of content we easily avoid centering the conversation on ourselves and our products.
The key to creating valuable content is to not ask ourselves “What’s in it for me?” but to always ask  “What’s in it for them?”
When our marketing actually starts becoming the answer to this question, we have finally moved passed the push phase on moved onto value-based marketing.

It would be easy to convince ourselves that information about our product or service is actually valuable. Once in a while, it may be. Generally, though, it’s not as valuable as we think. To prevent ourselves from falling into this line of thinking we need to ask ourselves a slightly different question: ‘How is my marketing making my customer’s life better?’
This fundamental question is probably difficult to answer under our current marketing methods. Remember, our product or service in and of itself is not a satisfactory answer to this question. We’re asking how our marketing is making lives better, not our product.

When we make valuable content the focus of our online and offline
marketing efforts, we create a reason for our customers to actually pay attention to what we are saying. Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers actually relied on you more than you relied on them?
Our product or service isn’t completely out of the picture with this model, but it is minimized to some degree. What we are looking to establish is a group of followers that rely on us for useful and valuable information. If we do it right, we will be valued highly so that when it comes time for customers to buy something, they come to us.

It may sound all completely backwards, but your marketing should be a gift to your customers. This gift can come in the form of training and teaching or even in the form of free introductory services. Your gift is the value you provide them. Take some time today to brainstorm a few ideas, and make sure they answer the key questions listed above. Once you have your answers, apply these ideas to your marketing right away.

Here’s some examples and tips from great leaders:

Attracting people to you:

Status Update Tips:

Raise Curiosity


So stop selling yourself and your products and start attracting people to buy!

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One comment on “Quit Yelling and Stop Selling

  1. Love this artikeel couldn’t agree mpre 🙂

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