Warning: These Businesses Are A Scam

With more and more people trying to make money online, those unscrupulous types are always willing and trying to take advantage. Most of the time it’s difficult to determine what’s real and what’s a scam. And many will unwittingly refer you to these offers not knowing themselves that they are being scammed.

The websites will tell you that you could make hundreds of dollars a day, depending on how hard you work, simply for completing easy tasks. They will offer you bonuses for signing up. Offer you the ability to join for free. But there are usually clues right from the beginning.

Don’t get hooked by a scam business.

  • First clue to look for is whether the website is secure or not.  Secure websites start with “https://” not the regular “http://”.
  • How can any business afford to pay you $25 when you are signing up for FREE?
  • They won’t let you withdraw you’re earnings until you reach a certain level. Usually a few hundred dollars.
  • They offer payments of $10, $20 and even $50 for doing simple tasks that will take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • The spelling and grammar is usually atrocious on the website.
  • If you do a search for a review of the business, the internet is usually littered with complaints because people have not been paid.

Here’s what one of these scam business websites looks like:


Here’s a list of some of these scam businesses:


  • dollarpertask. com
  • monthlyjobpay. com
  • payvilla. com
  • Jobofwork. com
  • MediaJobNet. com
  • VisitsToMoney .com/
  • parttimetask .com/
  • bigcashjob. com
  • 2cashsite. com
  • getmonthlypay .com
  • earnbytask. com
  • ThePayBird .com
  • dollarpocketmoney .com
  • careerdollar.com
  •  hiredpay. com
  • youthwealth. com
  • mytaskpay. com
  • timelyjob. com
  • Earn4Family. com
  • thewebjob. com
  • paynile. com
  • cashforvisits. com
  • theweeklypay. com
  • task2refer. com
  • taskwealth. com
  • Pay4visits. com
  • getpaid4visits. com
  • thepaidtask. com
  • eachvisitpaid. com
  • EarningVisit. com
  • PayLinker. com
  • eachvisitpaid. com
  • 50dollarjob. com
  • earn4family. com
  • apocketmoney. com
  • mystandardjob. com
  • getperfectjob. com
  • paybulb. com
  • assignpay. com
  • PocketMoneyJob. com
  • visitpayment. com
  • YouthMonthlyPay. com

If you run into any and would like me to add it to the list, leave me a comment or connect with me and let me know. And remember the old adage, “If it’s to good to be true……”

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4 comments on “Warning: These Businesses Are A Scam

  1. […] ready to take advantage of people’s greed and hardships as I reported in my post on Scam Businesses […]

  2. Victor you are doing a hell of a job with your Blog really Brilliant with all the content your’e bringing out there!

  3. Thanks bro. Victor, you just saved thousands of people by your post and am one of them.

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