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Facebook Marketing Mistakes


With more and more people on Facebook pitching their business, it is common to see the same marketing mistakes being made over and over. Here are some common Facebook marketing mistakes as well as some advice on improving your image on Facebook.

Posting your links on other people’s profile.

This is irritating. You wouldn’t go plant your sign on somebody’s yard. Why would you think your link on someone’s profile is ok. Here’s some sound advice.

Introducing yourself with a company pitch.

I wish I had a dollar for every friend request followed by, ” Hi, I thought you might like to join xyz company. http://www.xyz.com.” Constantly  selling has to be the most common Facebook Marketing mistakes.  Constant promotion is boring. Learn to build relationships and add value. Know one is going to join your business unless they know, like and trust you. Below are some tips on questions to ask to get to know the person you’re meeting.

Tagging others in your marketing.

This is one of the most frustrating things I have encountered on Facebook.

There are some distinct situations that I’ve personally run into that Im sure many of you have as well:

  • Someone posting a picture, or link and tagging 100 people to it.
  •   Getting a message from someone in your inbox that has been publicly sent to 300 people.
  • Getting added to a Facebook ‘Group’ without your permission.

Here’s how to block some tagging on Facebook.

Only trying to sell, sell, sell…

Other people are not on Facebook to be sold to all the time. They are there to connect with others, build relationships and keep in touch with friends.

They don’t want to be sold to or have someone trying to sell them something all the time!

Always try to add value. Why not post something that might help your friends or share links and videos that could inspire them instead.

Starting a conversation you’re not prepared to carry.

Nothing more irritating then someone starting a conversation and they do nothing but ask questions that are readily available on your profile. Like ” Where you from?”. Or they start asking for your help right away.

Here’s a sample of some questions to close the deal.

1. How long have you been selling on the Internet?

2. What exactly are you selling?

3. Are or you doing this full time or part time?

4. If part time. What’s your full time job?

5. What did you do before?

6. What prompted you to start selling on the Internet?

7. What kind of experience have you had?

8. What kind of people are your customers?

9. How much money are you making with this?

10. What is your retention rate? Or What is your attrition rate?

11. Why are you selling so many things?

12. What network marketing companies are you working with?

13. Why are you working with so many?

14. What experience have you had in the industry?

15. What companies have you worked with?

16. Why do you think you weren’t successful?

17. Would you be open to looking at a company that had products (or a service) you could be passionate about and enthusiastically recommend to others that didn’t have those obstacles?

Using a profile picture of your dog, actors or business.


People are on Facebook to connect with you not your dog or cat. Use a nice head shot of you not someone or something else. Save your business for you business page. People want to know who you are and having a nice head shot of yourself goes along way to them knowing, liking and trusting you.

Posting too much or turning people off.

Some have to tell you about every moment of their lives. Nobody cares that you’re going to do your laundry and cook dinner. Remember you want others to engage with you and making useless posts for the sake of it or posting constant negative stuff is only going to turn people off. Be careful not to bore people with uninspired content that wastes their time and attention.

Facebook can be a powerful way to increase engagement and maximize exposure as long as  you keep these mistakes to a minimum.

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