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Looks like Facebook is blocking us from posting to groups via email as I wrote about previously here. There are other ways to save you time posting in Facebook Groups. Some require one time or monthly payments and others are free. I have listed a few sites that provide the service with some notes on those I have personally used. You can go here for a list of Facebook Groups to post in.

First here’s a quick manual way to post in the Facebook Groups that will save you time.

*** A couple of tips not mentioned in the video. When opening the groups hold down the Ctrl key and click the group to open it in a new tab. To close all the tabs at the same time, right click on the Groups tab and choose to close all the tabs to the right.

Websites for posting in Facebook Groups

Platinum Poster

  • One time payment
  • Works at a good pace to avoid trouble with Facebook
  • Others can’t tell you are using it

Social Marketing Toolbar

  •  Has over 20,000 groups listed that you could join with a way to automatically join those you choose.
  • Has instructional videos but no sound on them
  • Free members can post up to 50 groups
Remark Free Basic Premium
Membership $ 5 /month $ 10 /month
Submit Group 50 Groups/day 500 Groups/day 2000 Groups/day
Invited Friend to Own Groups 500 friend 5000 max unlimited
Fan Page Exchange Likes 20 secs timer 15 secs timer 15 secs timer
Surf each day (Surf Likes Pages ) 100 max 100 max 100 max
Likes Exchange Ratio 1:3 (likes 3 get 1) 1:1 1:1
Maximum hits/Likes received unlimited unlimited unlimited
Unique IP Hits/Likes yes yes yes
Bonus Exchange Credit (Fan page likes) 1.000 5.000


  •  Completely free
  • Also has Google # Communities, Yahoo Groups, Classified Ad Sites, Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailers
  • This doesn’t post to multiple groups but it does have about 800 listed that you could join and opens them in groups of 20 saving a little bit of time.











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  1. You are an incredible human being. Thank you so much for all your help.

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