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Get Rich Radio Review


On February 10th 2014 Marshall Sylver will be re-launching his  Get Rich Radio Show. This time with some twists.

Marshal Sylver was born and grew up on a farm in Michigan with 9 brothers and sisters. A very large and poor family living in a converted chicken coop.  He’s a high school drop out and worked as a disc jockey and magician.  But his life is vastly different now.  Living in a 17,000 sq, ft, home in Las Vegas he calls the “Palace”. When he wants to cool off he heads to his $1o million beachfront home in southern California.

He’s a motivational speaker, author and has billed himself as “The  World’s Fastest Hypnotist” working in many of the biggest hotels in Vegas. Marshall has sold over $200 million in informational products since 1994.

Three years ago he started a radio show with the idea that if he created a means in which a person could get rewarded for getting educated it would increase their desire to be educated. So he created a website where people could go to and listen to his motivational talks for a couple of hours every single day. The more a person listened the more they were rewarded. And you also got rewarded for referring others. It lasted for 14 months until the birth of his first child and has been playing recordings ever since.

A few weeks ago he was made an offer to bring it back to life by a very devoted long time listener. The difference now is that the show will be earning advertising dollars. Something Marshall had never done, but instead of keeping all the revenue, he has figured out a way to pay his loyal listeners to tune in and thus the Get Rich Radio is going back on the air.

The concept is simple. Get paid for every hour that you listen and earn a matching bonus for every person you refer and listens as well. It’s free to log on and you never have to buy or sell anything. But you don’t have to wait until February 10th, you can log on now and start listening to some of his recordings and start earning “Scholarship Dollars” right away. If you refer people you can earn while they listen as well.

No memberships, no subscriptions, no products to buy. Everyone gets paid cash to listen and makes matching cash commissions for everyone they refer. You can even mute it and minimize the window and still earn money. Here’s an introduction to the radio show which explains how it works and the compensation.

Hangout Introduction to Get Rich Radio.

So can you actually make money just by logging into Get Rich Radio and listening in. Here’s a testimonial by a long time listeners, where he shows you his actual back office.

Get Rich Radio Testimonial

Update January 1st 2014

The Get Rich Radio website has been overwhelmed with traffic after just five days of it’s  Beta launch. Marshall Sylver has put up a message on the Get Rich Radio website.



Due To Overwhelming Response Our
Beta Test Is Momentarily Paused

I trust you are having an awesome day.

In my history as a marketer I have never seen anything like this. In just under 5 days we have over 20,000 sign ups in the Get Rich Radio data base. We initially only informed about 200 people so we could beta test our system. The duplication has been beyond anyone’s predication. Yahoo!

Due to the heavy data both the meters and the radio show streaming require, unfortunately, the system crashed repeatedly. Every time we brought it back up the massive traffic crashed it again.

We are being very careful that doesn’t happen again. We now understand the growth of Get Rich Radio will be explosive and we are now getting ahead of this incredible movement of motivated people looking to make big bucks simply by listening to this radio program. The reason it is growing so rapidly is that there is nothing to buy, nothing to sell, all you have to do is listen. I know it seems too good to be true and yet it’s a fact. My advertisers pay me so well I simply share the wealth with you. The more listeners I have the more I get paid. The more I get paid the more cash I give to you.

Please be patient. Your referrals and scholarship dollars are in tact. It is likely it will take a few days to move to a new host and servers and to rewrite the code to accommodate the massive traffic we now know to expect.

You premium subscription will be paused so you will not lose anything.

We apologize for the delay. This is indeed beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you. We realize with the duplication we saw over the last few days we are likely to be at 1,000,000 listeners inside of 30 days and we are concerned the current infrastructure simply will not handle it.

We will certainly be ready well before our actual launch date of February 10th.

Thank you again for your assistance and input during our Beta period.

Of all the challenges we could have this is the one you want. It means that the people you are referring love it!

Marshall Sylver – Creator and Host of Get Rich Radio

P.S.: Over the four day beta period numerous listeners generated over $100,000.00 on their meters. Be sure to check back over the next few days. Great things are worth it.


Looks like Marshall has another winner on his hands. If you’re on the internet anyways why not have Get Rich Radio on in the background earning some extra money. Refer some of your friends and earn even more.

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