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Celebrities Are Joining Organo Gold

After hearing about one of my favorite golfer’s joining Organo Gold, I decided to check out who else was involved besides Greg Norman.

Organo Gold and Greg Norman


Other famous celebrities in Organo Gold

Turns out Organo Gold has quite the line up of celebrities and even President’s from all walks of life and from all over the world involved in the company. Here are some more examples:

Danny Glover


Bill Clinton loves it too.

Former President Bill Clinton drinks coffee before hosting a round table discussion in New York

BJ Penn UFC Champion

BJ Penn UFC2

See Story here: BJ Penn Joins Organo Gold

Rod Smith 2 Time Super Bowl Champion




Snoop Dog


Ed Mercer


Do celebrities have an impact on Network Marketing companies?

Here’s what Janet Napora has to say on the subject.

“It wouldn’t matter who endorsed the Multi-level marketing business model the skeptics would remain skeptics. There’s a big difference between being skeptical and being cautious. Skepticism is about mindset. Being cautious is about using care, forethought and prudence.

Skeptics don’t care about the facts or the possibilities. That would require critical thinking. Thinking outside the box. Challenging what they believe to be true. They can’t imagine taking personal responsibility for their current situation it has to be someone else’s fault.
They already know it’s the governments fault or their parents, spouse, economy, education or whatever.
Limiting beliefs stop people from achieving all manner of success in anything and everything. ”

Celebrities don’t make a company. They have to have great products, compensation plans, culture and mission. Organo Gold has  4 0f the top 10 money earners in the Direct Sales industry, so it certainly doesn’t need the endorsements. Seems like their products and company can stand on it’s own.

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