How to Post To Multiple Facebook Groups for Free


Facebook Has Blocked This Feature

By following these Six simple steps you will be able to post in Unlimited Facebook Groups without having to pay for any services like Hootsuite or Post Planner. Some services even claim that you can post to hundreds of Groups at a time but Facebook will remove your posts once they catch on and can even cancel your account costing all the work you have put in and relationships you have built.

Posting in more then 50 Groups at a time is a no-no on Facebook and you shouldn’t get caught doing so. Following these directions will take a bit of time and set up but I’ll also tell you  how you can save a lot of time and where you can find the best Groups to post in. Yes some Groups are better then others and the number of members in a Group has nothing to do with it as some might think.

So follow these directions if you want to keep your Facebook account safe but yet achieve your goal of getting your posts seen by thousands of people on Facebook.**

Step One


  • I’m going to assume you already have a Facebook profile but many people have more then one for more postings and better results.

Step Two


  • Set up a Gmail account. You can use any email account but Gmail allows you to send up to 500 emails a day so they are the best to use if you want to post in hundreds of Facebook Groups per day. For even better results and more posting many people set up more then one Gmail account.
  • You must have these email accounts listed on your Facebook profile. If not you can simply add them by going to your Facebook account settings and editing your email address or adding email addresses.

Step Three


  • Every Facebook Group has an email address just like every profile has and email address. There are two ways of getting this email address. One way is by clicking on the “About” tab of a Group and the email address for that Group will be found on the top right hand corner of the page. Many Groups will be missing this however because the admin has removed the email address from being shown.
  • If the email address is missing then a second way of getting it is by looking at the URL in the address bar. Each Group’s URL is distinguished by either a name set up by the admin or a number if no custom URL has been set up.
  •  For example you can have this as a Group’s URL  https://www.facebook.com/groups/252700648106052/
  • Or you can have this as an URL if the admin has set up a custom URL https://www.facebook.com/groups/MultipleLevelMarketing/
  • To get the email address simply take the name or number of that group and add @groups.facebook.com to make up the email address for that group.
  • So the email address of the examples given above would be 252700648106052@groups.facebook.com and MultipleLevelMarketing@groups.facebook.com respectively. You can do this for any Facebook Group.
  • Gather up all the emails for any number of Facebook Groups you want to post in and list them on a Word, NotePad or similar text editor.

Step Four


  • Now set up your email addresses in you Gmail account or accounts. To do this go to the Contacts Manager in Gmail  by clicking on Gmail in the top left hand corner as shown below.


  • Now take the total number of Group emails that you have and divide by 50. This will give you the number of Contact Groups to make up by hovering your mouse as shown below and clicking  “New Group”


  • Make up as many Contact Groups as you need to add the email addresses to.
  • Once you have made up the Contact Groups needed click on each one and add the email addresses to each one by clicking on the Add Contacts icon at the top as shown below.


  • Copy the email addresses from your list and paste them in the drop down box and click “Add”
  • Do this for all the Contact Groups you have made up.

 Step Five


  • You are now ready to post to  Facebook Groups at a time. To do this click on  the box at the top of the page as shown below.


  • This will put a check mark beside all email addresses in that Group.
  • Now click on the email Icon at the top of the page as shown below.

***Start with 10 groups and increase the number to find out what Facebook will allow to post to at one time.


  • This will open up the box for you to compose the email with all the addresses in the “To” box.
  • Type the headline of what you want to post in the Facebook Groups in the Subject area.
  • Type any text and enter your links in the main body of your email.


Step Six

  • Once you have it set up the way you want click “Send” and voila. You just posted in 50 Facebook Groups.
  • It’s recommended that you wait some time in between postings so as not to raise Facebook’s interest. To avoid this people set up multiple Facebook Profiles and email accounts to post from but if you post with some time in between postings you should be alright with just a single account. This isn’t as necessary if you are posting different messages with different links.
  • To check if it worked go to your Activity Log on your profile page.

To save some time check out the post on the Best Facebook Groups To Post In and as a bonus you will get the email address for the hundreds of groups on the list.

If you try this and it doesn’t work for you it’s because the directions were not followed. Please go back and make sure you are doing what is required in each step. Below are somethings to look for:

  • Are you mailing from an email address listed on you Facebook profile?
  • Do you belong to the group you are trying to email to?
  • Do you have the right email address of the group you are trying to email?

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42 comments on “How to Post To Multiple Facebook Groups for Free

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  2. thank you for the info…much appreciated.

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  5. I truly appreciate and thank you for taking the time to put together this information and share it with us. Have a great day!

  6. Hey I have made a simple script that can solve this problem of posting on multiple groups in 30 sec
    Go to http://apps.facebook.com/megaposter/
    It is quite self explanatory after that

  7. I’ve been blocked from posting in groups. I keep getting a message “You’ve been temporarily blocked from making this action” or something along these lines. Has anyone been in this situation before? What can I do to unblock myself? I’ve sent a couple of reports but that hasn’t help so far. I cannot join any groups either.

  8. I like your trick… But we have implemented system which will help you to manage this in application… That you mentioned… Is there any one who is interested to purchase?

  9. All dandy but you can’t post pictures like this just text.

  10. Nice trick. Respect and Thanks for sharing.
    But what I need is, posting a message+link on different facebook pages (not my own). Do you have an idea, usefull tricks? All I can find in the internet is not for free..:/

  11. do these emails we post to the groups go to their inbox or onto the groups newsfeed? im looking at posting onto the newsfeed – thanka

  12. this is good, but I can’t post images through email

  13. Well, you need something better like >> fbtools.solrange.com

  14. good post. very Comprehensive.

  15. Hi guys. Two months ago I wrote an article about posting in multiple Facebook groups on my blog (http://gognjen.github.io/2014/09/01/post-to-multiple-facebook-groups.html). There you can find full working script and you can easily upload it on your website or use Dropbox to host your script. Maybe some of you can find that useful.

  16. i restricted from posting in groups……this method is not working

  17. I don’t know if this may be helpful to any of you, but I use SlackSocial to post in multiple groups at once. It has made my life so much easier: http://slacksocial.com/home/splash?ref=5841

  18. Hey guys I use Toolsstar; its 100% free/ no download; just log in and post on all the groups you have every 15 minutes (avoids getting your account frozen); http://toolsstar.com/index.php?affiliate=11529

  19. this not working for me !!!!

  20. This is very useful post.
    Recently i have written a post on facebook page verification

    How To Verify
    Facebook Page With
    Verification Request
    Form | Blue Tick
    Verification — http://www.newtechnologyhub.blogspot.in/2015/06/how-to-verify-facebook-page-with.html?m=1

  21. does this still work? Just tried and got an error message

  22. I have been using this: http://slacksocial.com/?ref=5841 —it is free to try (that means no CC # needed), check it out see if it works for you and then pay less than the price of Netflix for it if you like it. I currently use this to promote my business and the amount of time I have saved is incredible. Hope it may help!

  23. use this to post on multiple facebook groups at once! and to chedule post on multiple social: http://slacksocial.com/?ref=34213

  24. Thank you so much for sharing..

  25. This is now blocked by fb. I Use slacksocial pro to do it with unlimited fb groups. This also lets you shedule posts. http://slacksocial.com/Account/SignUp?ref=46583

  26. I tried this method but out of 25 mails which i sent 13 were mail failures what to do ?

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