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Go Pro Review: 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Go Pro

A little back ground:

Eric Worre is a legend in Network Marketing for over 20 years now. I found out about him a couple of years ago when I stumbled onto his website which is  Network Marketing Pro.  Eric has recorded hundreds of  videos, as of this writing, about every single subject you can imagine about becoming a Network Marketing Pro and continues to put out valuable videos several times a week. Each with his personal thoughts and lessons in the profession. Here’s just one of his little nuggets:

He Joined the industry in his early twenties after learning through his many jobs, like most of us, that there had to be a better way. But like most of us when starting out in this profession, we have our own ideas of what should work.  When that didn’t work out however, unlike most of us, rather then quit he decided to study what the “Pro’s” did.

After many year’s of study. practice and much success Eric put his principles and lessons to writing and thus  Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. I suggest you grab a copy, not only for yourself but for anyone that you recruit and consider a leader on your team.

Eric’s book not only gives you the crucial skills that you need to master but practical steps to take and suggestions to follow.

Part One of this review will concentrate on Eric’s first 3 Skills of becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

Skill #1 Finding Prospects

Finding quality people to prospect is a skill. Besides starting with a list of people you know, adding to this list  through contacts you meet on a daily basis is one of the core steps in a successful Network Marketing  business. Make your list as comprehensive as possible. Look at your list and think of people that they know.  Constantly add to your list by Networking on purpose both through your day to day activities but by doing new things you like that provide you with Netwoking possibilities.


Skill  #2 Inviting Prospects To Understand Your Product Or Opportunity

This might be the most critical of all skills to develop.  Professionals don’t just pitch products and opportunities, they build friendships and relationships because they know people would rather deal with someone they know, like and trust! Their initial objective is to educate their prospect on what they have to offer so that they can decide for themselves if it’s something they want to buy or do. They accomplish this when the timing is right by either inviting them to attend some sort of event or inviting to review some sort of company tool. Out of the two events are the most effective but for building a large duplicating organization  a tool is a better first step. Eric gives you his formula for financial independence in Network Marketing in this chapter. He also mentions his 4 basic rules to inviting, Detaching yourself from the outcome. Being yourself. Being passionate and enthusiastic. And having strong posture with your prospects as he shows you how to accomplish these through different steps and suggested scripts you can adapt to your different situations.

Skill #3 Presenting Your Product Or Opportunity To Your Prospects

The first thing he suggests is not making yourself the issue and become an expert of all the facts associated with your company since no matter how much you learn there will always be questions that will stump you. The pros act as consultants who connect prospects to tools, events or others to educate them and where their prospects can find answers. Eric also offers up one of the most crucial aspects of your Network Marketing activity and that is it doesn’t matter what works but what duplicates. And this leads to learning how to present your opportunity to groups of people to create momentum and grown your business faster. Learn to tell your story in a way that they want to know more and how preparation is the key.

Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

Tomorrow I will look at one of the skills that most of us fail to do effectively  in this profession, follow up with our prospects and  helping them become customers or business partners!

Click here if you prefer a copy of Go Pro Audio Book.

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