Facebook Strategies

Facebook Engagement Strategies

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Do you find that your friends and fans are just not engaging enough with your posts and updates? Maybe you just need some help with what you are doing.  The ONLY way to capture the attention of your fans is to publish great posts that entice them to engage. Here are some ways to increase you engagement on Facebook with your Fan and Profile Page.

Optimize your Facebook Foundation

  • Brand your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Brand your Timeline cover photo on your Profile and Page
  • Use your cover photo to let your fans know who you are and what your about.
  • The optimal size of your cover photo is 851 x 315.
  • Place you website link in the About area of your Fan Page.
  • Link your Fan Page to your Profile in the About section so it’s visible.
  • Secure your custom Facebook URL by going here.
  • Add a Like box to your Website.


What to post on Facebook to get more engagement.

  • Post engaging photos that relate to your Updates. Facebook will give photos ever more prominence in the News Feed — which should excite you as a page owner.
  • Photos get 54% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click throughs.
  • Brand your photos with Photoshop or an online site like Ribbet.
  • Posts less then 80 characters get 66% more engagement so less is more!
  • Ask more questions.
  • Test to see what time of day you get more engagement.
  • Test to see what day of the week is better.
  • Check the Insights feature to get valuable information.
  • Ask people to caption a photo you post.
  • Fill -in -the -blank photo captions. And Fill-in-the-blank posts are a quick way to elicit a response from your fans — and thus increase engagement.
  • Timely and comical photos
  • Tell people what to do on your posts, don’t assume they will.
  • Post videos, especially your own.
  • Before posting ask yourself: will people share this, is the post short, does it have a call to action, is it relevant to your Fan Page, is it conversational?
  • If you’re busy schedule your posts with a service like Hootsuite or Post Planner which is an app inside Facebook.
  • Repeat important posts at different times of day and different days of the week.
  • When commenting on other posts always use the person’s name.
  • Use a content strategy: Do you have a goal with your page? Are you looking for more Likes? Are you trying to grow an email list? Are you wanting to drive traffic to your website?
  • Quotes maybe the simplest way to increase engagement on your page.
  • Offer value like some training or tips.
  • Allow people to share your content and make sure to share others.
  • Keep it simple.


What not to do on Facebook.

Some of these are pretty common sense but I see it happening all the time.

  • People have to know, like and trust you. Don’t say hello and start pitching people on your business and/or product.
  • No negativity about yourself or others. Things like “Oh I feel like crap today!”
  • Don’t embarrass yourself. Photos of you sprawled out wasted might be funny to some but…
  • Stay away from politics and people with strong opinions.
  • Don’t get into arguments and be rude to others.
  • Don’t post boring content like what you’re having for dinner. Only your boring friends will care.
  • Don’t post the same kind of stuff 7 days a week or just pitching your business or product.
  • Don’t post 100 times a day. The more engaging your posts the less you’ll have to.
  • On the other hand be consistent and don’t go weeks without posting.
  • Don’t break promises. If you tell people you are going to do something, do it!
  • Don’t just use stock photos. use your own whenever possible.
  • Don’t use tragic events to promote your business or product like ” Millions of people are rioting in Brazil. Maybe they heard about our …..”
  • Don’t be long winded. As stated above people prefer shorter posts.

These are just some ideas to help you with your Facebook engagement. If you have others please leave a comment or some feedback.

If you like this blog follow, share and have an abundant life!

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