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Why you should try Facebook’s new Graph Search

In March, Facebook unveiled Graph Search. A new search engine that lets you use simple phrases to search for people, places and things within Facebook. It is designed to give answers to user natural language queries rather than a list of links.It’s in beta now but promises to improve the overall Facebook experience for people, and it looks to be a great idea for businesses as well. This month it was made available to all English users.
With Facebook having over 1 billion users and boasting over 2.5 billion likes, 300 million photos uploads and 500 terabytes of data everyday. That’s a huge amount of data being collected that you can use to conduct market research about your existing friends, fans and people using Facebook in general.  Graph Search feature combines the data acquired from its over one billion users and external data into a search engine providing user-specific search results. Additional results will be provided by Microsoft‘s Bing search engine. For instance, you could search for “friends of friends who work at Facebook” or “Harvard University graduates who like Privacy” and find precisely those people, as long as their privacy settings allow the information to be searchable.


Let’s say I want to go to a restaurant where I’ll also run into some baseball fans. I simply run a search for  “Restaurants in Toronto, Ontario liked by people who also like the Toronto Blue Jays” . And voila, up pops everyone on Facebook who fits that criteria.

Or let’s say you want to find out “people who live in Toronto, Ontario who like skiing”. You get the picture.

If, for whatever reason, I want to maximize my chances of running into someone from high school at the restaurant, I will search for “Restaurants in Toronto, Ontario liked by people who also like the Toronto Blue Jays and went to Scarlett Heights”.

When the users start using this new tool they will get a pop up as an alert over the privacy tools area in the upper right hand side of the Facebook page. However, it is recommended by Facebook that users must review the past content that have shared earlier as well as check the audience for each post. This can be reviewed via one’s ‘activity log’. But perhaps the best way to protect one’s privacy is by not putting anything on the internet that you do not want to share with strangers.

Well, this is not the only good news for all of you- Facebook claims that they are also working hard to get its mobile version working soon.

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