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How quickly do we make decisions?


A man is watching television. He slowly changes channels with his remote control. Click. Click. Click. Click. Every two seconds, he surfs to a new channel.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

So how long does it take this man to make a final decision if he wants to watch that channel or not? Less than two seconds.

The man makes his final decision with almost no facts, almost no information. The man doesn’t watch the entire show. He decides in less than two seconds if that show is for him, or not.

You are thinking, “Hey, that’s not fair. He needs to know more. He needs to watch the channel longer.” Well, it may not be fair, but it is how it is.

The man has a mechanism inside of his brain that automatically makes the final decision about that channel, and this mechanism works in seconds. No facts needed.

Your prospects use this same mechanism to make their final decision about your business. They don’t make their decision on facts or information. So please, don’t irritate your prospects with facts and information when you are seeking a decision. That would be rude.

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